Friday, February 11, 2011

Who Knows Why Rankings Bounce

I've been working on a site in the online dating niche, specifically about Mexican brides. It's based on Wordpress hosted on my own VPS. I launched the site in August of last year, 2010.

I created it based on keyword research I had been doing, poking around the "relationship" and "romance" topics. What I found was a couple of keyword phrases that looked reasonably good - decent search volume, without too much stiff competition.

I did what I would normally do for this type of project. I began by researching the topic and writing some original, high-quality articles on various related subjects. I launched the site, got it indexed, and began some basic link-building activities.

After about 5-6 weeks, I was able to achieve high Page 1 rankings on the main two keyword phrases. The site is monetized with pretty specific, well-targeted affiliate dating offers, specifically the Hispanic market.

Since the site was based around dating women or finding brides in Mexico, that's what all the content was about, with a few articles on general marriage and romance.

Well, I started getting good traffic, and clicks on the dating offers. Conversions were decent, and the site was earning good revenues.

About 3 months in, I stopped most of my backlinking activities. The site held stable with it's Page 1 rankings.

Then I noticed a drop-off in commissions from the affiliate offers. Upon closer inspection, I found the site had dropped off the map. A few weeks later it was back on Page 1. Then a few more weeks and it was gone again.

Since then, I've been fighting a battle trying to regain my good rankings. I've renewed my link-building, but have only seen sporadic improvements. The site would show back up on Page 1 for a few days, then disappear again.

At this time, I have no idea why it's having such trouble holding on to it's rankings. No clue. It's particularly annoying in that the sites that outrank it and have good positions aren't strong sites. Nor are they optimized either for "Mexican brides" or "Mexican mail order brides", the two main phrases I'm targeting.

Well, the only thing I can think of doing is sticking with my renewed link building efforts. Just yesterday, I saw it finally re-emerge, albeit at the bottom of Page 2.

Hopefully this is just an anomaly and I'll re-gain m my rankings, which at one time were in the top 3 positions.

What's the moral of the story? I don't know. If I get good positioning back, I'd have to say it is maintaining consistency in building backlinks, even once you achieve your desired position.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A New - And Better- Way To Adsense Success!

One of the areas we have been focusing on a lot lately is Adsense. Because of it's nature, many people are leery of getting involved in it, however it can be incredibly lucrative. In fact, as far as advertising is concerned, it's easily the "best" program out there.

Unless you have a website with at least tens of thousands of visitors per month, Google's program is really the only game in town as far as advertising is involved. Competing programs just don't hold a candle as far as contextual advertising is concerned.

One of the main reasons is that is that adsense is the flip side of Google's Adwords program. And Adwords has literally tens of thousands of advertisers creating millions of ads, in every conceivable category. As a result, virtually any topical website will end up displaying very targeted, appropriate advertisements.

We recently came across "The Adsense $100k Blueprint", a new product designed to allow anyone to hit it big with Adsense. It includes a 75-page ebook, some videos, and some other assorted bits and pieces. I have to say, the ebook is by far the best I've ever seen on the subject. Not only is it a great Adsense course, but literally a Masters degree on Internet marketing, particularly in the areas of ranking and search engine optimization.

The product is currently in pre-release, but I believe it will retail around $67. If you want to earn a serious and sustainable income with Ed sense than this is the product to get. I will even go so far as to say, if you plan on earning your living in Internet marketing, even if you're already successful and experienced, buy this book. You will see things in a whole new light, and gain insights and understanding that you never had.

Adsense is a relatively simple program, but this product provides the kind of insights and tips that come from obvious experience and success, an invaluable benefit. Just as importantly, since the success of this type of marketing is entirely dependent on "organic" search engine traffic, you will gain an absolutely incredible competitive advantage by reading what they have to say about Pagerank, backlinking, SEO, niches, and keyword research.

We heartily recommend "A100k", and if we had a review ranking system here, it would get 5 stars.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Web Marketing Business-Enterprises: Running an Internet Marketing Enterprise - Dream or Reality?

To set up an online marketing business you would need good business ideas or opportunities. A superb idea or opportunity which is well investigated, engineered, and implemented can propel your success to unthinkable heights.

Governments around the world are working hard to refurbish the global economy, but at the same time we can’t sit still and wait for our governments. We must take matters into our hands to safeguard our financial futures.

This short article is directed at those who wish to solve their financial problems by starting a web marketing business. It's also directed at those who have already tried but they are getting nowhere - they would like to restart on assured pathways.

Getting started a web marketing firm can be intimidating as there are too many options, traps, deceits, and betrayals along the way. Triumph emanates from following a carefully worked out success pathway through this jungle of opportunities and threats.

This informative article discusses:

1. The difficulties and risks of starting an online marketing business-enterprise.

2. The personal qualities that you need for success at a web marketing business.

3. What you ought to be doing to get going in your web marketing firm.

4. The astonishing pluses you can expect from your internet marketing small-business.

5. The various start-up options and solutions open to you when you embark on an internet marketing firm.

6. The tools and procedures you require for victory in your online marketing business.

The dash of people towards the Internet ensures that it continues to make good sense to begin a web marketing enterprise. As a result many novices are joining the online-marketing business bandwagon.

A great number come with impractical expectations though, thinking that you can do little work for explosive pay. While it's true that there are less complicated as well as more troublesome approaches to realise online-marketing enterprise success, it is false to consider that one can make a high income without work.

This article examines many of the problems that a starter will face and how to overcome them.

With the world currently steeped in an economic crisis of astounding proportions the following questions become relevant:

1. Just how do we deal individually with this worldly obstacle?

2. Just how do we, acting independently, change such astounding negatives into positives?

While governments all round the earth make an effort to accommodate this crisis, we must make a move for ourselves both individually and collectively. One confident manner of doing this is to embark on a web-marketing enterprise start-up.

The world wide web is growing on a yearly basis as more and more families head to it to purchase information and purchase goods and services.

Day-after-day, a lot of persons choose to start an online marketing business-enterprise, yet not everybody wind up succeeding at it. Many struggle and give up before long, while some come through with different levels of success.

The problem with starting a web marketing business is that there is an excessive amount of hype and so many lies around the process. Cyberspace is rich in con artists wanting to make a quick buck, and it is possible to fall prey to these people.

Their common tactic is to convince you that you can easily make cash on the internet. Loads of get-rich-quick schemes have been enacted online and these schemes are very alluring to newbies.

Who doesn't desire a short route to become rich, anyway? Isn't that the smoothest method to financial freedom? On the other hand, with anything that sounds too good it is certain that there's a catch.

The person who's endorsing or selling a get-rich-quick scheme is after your hard earned dollars, and the thinking behind getting rich quick (without any effort at all) is the quickest path to persuade a starter to buy.

This tactic only works best for novices, and it works until the newcomer matures to learn that there is no quick route to generate income (unless through fraud or you win a lottery).

The idea of receiving sales by making get-rich-quick promises is a scam. It is a scam because the seller makes money by misleading the prospect. The typical newcomer will move from one get-rich-quick scheme to another until he or she gets the message... that it is a fraud!

The rookie then gives up in annoyance, or continues to search for the fundamental realities of online-marketing business success. Should you be a novice and your first port of call is this article then you are a blessed rookie.

This informative article should certainly take you out of the hands of the numerous get-rich-quick criminals out there who infest the online world. It will eventually steer your time and energy along the exact path to online-marketing business-enterprise success, so that you don't waste your money through dealing with online crooks.

To recap, starting a web marketing firm involves excellent business ideas or opportunities, and this type of vivid idea or opportunity that's well researched, planned, and implemented can launch your success to ridiculous heights.

A number of things you must just remember:

* You've got what it takes to have success at your web marketing enterprise.

* Lots of people who started a web marketing small-business have excelled, and these persons are not gods.

* Every person who undertakes a major project like an online marketing firm starts out doubtful, worrying, shy, and weighed down. So you are not alone!

* As you work towards your internet marketing enterprise, you will grow emotionally and intellectually. This will drive away your uncertainties and concerns. You’ll become more self-assured and in control.

* When you’ve finally got there and you’re making the money you wish from your online marketing small-business, you’ll look back (like others have) and wonder why the road couldn’t be straighter. But again that’s life! It’s always easier to be clever after the fact.

To round up, this article deals with the following topics:

1. The problems and hazards of starting a web marketing enterprise.

2. The personal qualities you need for success at your internet marketing business-enterprise.

3. What you should be doing to get going in your internet marketing business.

4. The amazing added-benefits you can expect from an online marketing business.

5. The many start-up options and solutions open to you as soon as you embark on an online marketing small-business.

6. The tools and techniques you need for success in your online marketing business-enterprise.

Unfortunately, owing to restrictions on space, we can't possibly cover these topics in full in this article. But for anyone who is interested it is possible to follow them through this internet marketing business link.


Bright Future for You - You Bet It!

There is a bright future ahead of you. Yes, a bright future awaits you!

Regardless how helpless your conditions are, a bright future awaits you. It doesn't matter how troubled you happen to be, bliss stands on your route. Regardless of how terrified you are, bravery awaits you. It doesn't matter how demoralised you happen to be, self confidence awaits you.

Regardless of how much you weep, laughter is on the way. However indignant you are, serenity is coming to your soul. Yes, you do have a bright future in front of you!

Dr A A Agbormbai has been putting together his business at home since 2006 and has an array of achievements and experiences in this particular area. His articles bring his insights to you so that you can succeed online.

Years ago, Dr Agbormbai was a Senior Lecturer of Information Systems and Information Technology at a private university college in London. He's a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Imperial College London, specialising in Spacecraft Aerodynamics. He has also worked as a Research Fellow in Fluid Dynamics.

Dr Agbormbai also contributes to nation building by analysing national problems through his blogs, at political sites online, and providing incisive practical solutions to these problems. He is the world's top problem solving guru, having solved problems in such interdisciplinary areas as science, technology, business, people, and national issues. These problems vary from academic to practical.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Article on Web-Based Marketing Firms

I came across this article recently about web-based marketing firms. Whether you're just getting ready to launch your online business empire, or have been online for quite a while, I think you'll find this article to be worthwhile.

If you disagree with what the author is saying, or would like to add some of your own experiences, please go ahead and leave your comments below. If you have other ideas, we'd love to hear about those as well.


This content covers the difficulties that you will encounter once you start a web-based, Internet, or home-based business. Starting an internet or work-at-home business is probably the most worthwhile venture you'll be able to carry out. But bear in mind, there are definite stumbling blocks that can make certain you turn out like many of the failures. Comprehending these problem areas ensures that you could dodge or triumph over them to plot your path to El Dorado.

The difficulties that you will encounter include impractical monetary expectations, get-rich-quick swindles, hype, too much work, inadequate time, quitting too easily, high technology, and intellectual intricacy.

These challenges are described as follows:

1. UNREALISTIC MONETARY EXPECTATIONS. Most newcomers begin with the notion that you can easily make money online. They hear about the online marketplace being the place for automated income-generating machines and suppose they'll simply get in and begin to make a killing. You can make good money online and, for those who know what to do, it is dead easy. But you must learn the ropes before you can accomplish your success. It will take time!

2. MAKE-MONEY-FAST SCHEMES. Novices face get-rich-quick schemes the instant they step foot online and try to run a web-based, Internet, or home business. Their belief in getting rich quick makes them fall for con artists who take benefit from our built-in greed and laziness in order to sell us dodgy products.

3. HYPE. The net is the nesting ground for hype or overstated claims. Everyone is looking to get your attention, to have cash out of your wallet. Beginners submit to this hype without studying the facts. The end result is despair, particularly when they discover that their belief in getting rich quick is just not materialised in a product.

4. TOO MUCH WORK. Newcomers, after finally understanding you have to work for your keep online, become disenchanted. They lose interest and depart. Online, Internet, or work-from-home business is only too much work when you keep taking the wrong turn every time. When you start out on the right road it is certainly effort, but not too much work.

5. NOT ENOUGH TIME. A few newcomers might possibly not have the required time to commit to their work-at-home business. This is notably true when you're combining it with full or part-time work. Then you must turn to ready-made, semi- or fully-automated tools to speed up work on your web enterprise. Even when you've got enough time, it is always essential to use tools to reduce your workload.

6. ABANDONING EASILY. This occurs with lazy people, who would like money but they don't relish to work for it. This also happens with folks who approach their ecommerce business with false expectations, the expectations of having it easy while making a quick buck.

7. HIGH TECH. A web-based or home-based small-business is a high-tech business, but you won't have to be high-tech to run a rewarding one. Semi- or fully-automated software tools remove the complexity of managing a web-based, Internet, or home-based commercial-enterprise so that everybody can succeed at it, if they have a winning mentality.

8. INTELLECTUAL DIFFICULTY. An online business is an intellectual business. Which means there are always completely new stuff to master when you start and manage it. That doesn't mean that you need to be described as a powerful intellectual to have success at your web business.

This article has analyzed eight vital complications that you'll encounter once you embark on your online, Internet, or home-based small-business. It has described the difficulties somewhat, but this begs the question of how you might prevail over them to manage a victorious online enterprise. After all, this is exactly what you are interested in when you're getting started or when you are managing a struggling home-based business. In essence, you wish to start up on a positive footing or to make certain that your next turn is not a faux pas.

Just a few things you must remember:

* You've what it takes to have success at your work-at-home business.

* A lot of people who started a work-from-home business have excelled, and these individuals are not gods.

* Anyone who undertakes a vital project such as a business at home starts out unclear, frightened, shy, and stressed. So you are not alone!

* As you work on your home business, you will grow emotionally and intellectually. This will drive away your uncertainties and anxieties. You’ll become self-assured and confident and in control.

* When you’ve finally got there and you’re making the cash you are looking for from your work-at-home business, you’ll look back (like others have) and ask yourself why the trail couldn’t be straighter. But again that’s life! It’s always easier to become wise after the fact.

Sorry to say, owing to constraints in space, we simply cannot deal with the triumphs in this article. But if you are interested you can follow them through this home business enterprise link.


Bright Future for You - You Bet It!

You have a bright future before you. Yes, a bright future is waiting for you!

Regardless how helpless your circumstances are, a bright future awaits you. Regardless of how troubled you can be, happiness stands on your route. It doesn't matter how nervous you are, valor awaits you. It doesn't matter how demoralised you might be, confidence awaits you.

Regardless of how much you weep, fun is on your way. However offended you are usually, serenity is coming to your heart. Yes, you actually have a bright future before you!

Dr A A Agbormbai has been constructing his home-business since 2006 and possesses many achievements and experiences within this area. His articles bring his insights to you to guide you succeed online.

Earlier, Dr Agbormbai was a Senior Lecturer of Information Systems and Information Technology at a private university college in London. He's a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Imperial College London, specialising in Spacecraft Aerodynamics. He has also worked as a Research Fellow in Fluid Dynamics.

Dr Agbormbai also plays a role in nation building by analysing national problems through his blogs, at political sites online, and providing incisive practical solutions to these problems. He's the world's top problem solving guru, having solved problems in such interdisciplinary areas as science, technology, business, people, and national issues. These problems range from academic to practical.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Keys To Natural, or Organic Search Traffic

Depending on what your business model is, search engine traffic can be the life-blood of your business. If you are buying traffic, such as Pay-Per-Click, then you know pretty much exactly how much traffic you will get; the more you pay, the more you receive.

Natural, or organic traffic is a whole different situation. For those businesses that live off of search engine traffic, there are two factors that determine how many visitors you will get.

The first is the particular keyword phrase you are targeting, specifically how often it is searched. Obviously, you're never going to get 100 visitors per day for a keyword that only gets searched 10 times per day. On the other hand, you won't get 100 visitors even if it is searched that many times per day. Which brings us to the second factor determining your traffic volume.

Where you rank for your targeted phrase will determine what percentage of "available traffic" you get. Let's talk a minute about "available volume".

A given keyword phrase gets searched "x" times per day. How do you know what "x" is? You use one of the many available keyword research tools. Some of these tools require one-time or subscription payments, while some others are free. Two good free tools are Wordtracker (, and Google's own keyword research tool (

It's worth noting that you will often get different results for the same query with these tools. That is because they use different methods and different databases to determine search volume. Either way, you are seeing a rough estimate, but that's what we have to work with.

Suppose your target phrase gets searched 100 times each day. This is where your rank or position comes in. Depending on where you are in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), you are only going to see a percentage of that volume. The closer to the top, or Position #1 that your web page appears, the larger the fraction of total search volume you will get.

Generally speaking, the top spot, Position #1, gets approximately 50% of the volume. This means that when a search is done, about half of the people searching will click on the first result. Positions #2 and #3 split about another 25%, giving the first three entries approximately 75% of the available volume.

The remaining 7 entries on the first page will split nearly all the remaining 50%, with each position seeing a lesser percentage than the one above it. In all, if you aren't on the first page, you don't see very much of the trafic, and in fact if you aren't near the top, the fraction you receive will be very low.

The keys to natural search engine traffic then are targeting keyword phrases that have decent daily search volume, and to get your web page to rank at or near the top of the SERPs for that keyword phrase.

It goes without saying that the higher the daily search volume, the stiffer the competition is likely to be. And so, your goals should be to target phrases that have good search volume, but not so much that reaching the top spots will be nearly impossible.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why Should You Be Interested In Search Engine Optimization - SEO?

So why SEO?

So you'd like to become number ONE in Google and Yahoo? Search engine optimisation or SEO is the procedure by which we increase the position of any given website in the various search engines. Simple huh? Sadly not! SEO isn't for the faint hearted. It demands a superior amount of technical expertise, the usage of complex tools then the evaluation and execution of the results those tools provide.

The idea behind seo is to bring a substantial amount of website visitors to your website. It's a well planned strategy based on certain key words and key phrases depending on the needs of your company.

Whether your Web site is completely new or 10 years old, managing how it appears to search engines like Google is crucial to its success. The standard Web site gets 61 percent of their traffic from organic (nonpaid) search results and 41 percent of most traffic from Google alone. Ensuring that the company's site ranks highly in search results is, for many companies, a make-or-break proposal, which is why search engine optimisation (SEO) has become a multibillion-dollar industry.

80% of all internet users find what they're looking for through the search engines like (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc). If someone is seeking a product or service that you offer on the web, they will not find your website if it doesn't show up on at least one of the first 3 pages of the search engine. The majority stop searching after page 3 (or Position 30) and start a new search.

The reality is there may be numerous businesses online selling almost the same services or products that you offer. 5 to 7 of them already occupy the first 10 positions of your favorite search engine. How in the world can you get into the running, much less contest with other local companies?

Even sadder is the fact if you don't do search engine optimization your website will never rank anywhere meaningful in the search engines like Google. Look at your own search behavior. How many pages will you take a look at when you are searching for a products or services? Truth be told that a majority of surfers usually do not go past page 3 if the results are offered in groups of ten! Therefore if you happen to be on page 70 who is going to find you? How about page 122034 from 77300000 internet sites. I hope you see my point!

Search Engine Optimizing is easy enough it simply demands diligent composing of content rich with keywords and phrases that correspond with your business. If you have a local company dealing with mainly local clients ensure you include your location in the search phrase "Web Designers in Glasgow" rather than simply "Web Designers" as this will make your site more unique to your prospective customers' searches. You need to apply exactly the same thinking to your company and site. Do the same for each page and you will soon have built up an optimised site. Be certain though not to make it to search term heavy (2-5 per 100 words) as it will soon become unreadable and just turn away the very website visitors you hope to entice.

Marketing online for your local business has never been more great. The various tools, strategies and systems are available for you. Most companies don't have the time to keep up with all the 'online stuff'.

Search engine optimization is critical to getting your site found by search engines like google. You will not merely be found simply because you have a website.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Viral Marketng - The Key To Affiliate Marketing Success

The key to increasing your Affiliate Market empire Have you ever tried to market and spread your online affiliate product only to face hardships and failure? Have you been trying to increase the reach of your online affiliate product but are failing quite miserably? Do you need a new method to increase the worth and customer base of your affiliate product? Look at a site such as the Home Business Reader.

If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place. Effectively marketing your affiliate product is one of the main things that one should have in mind if one wants to be successful. You do not want that you lose out on your profit because of the lack of proper marketing. Without a god marketing strategy people may not be able to recognize or even find your what your are selling. So what are the ways of spreading your business on the internet? Well there are many different methods that could help you market and spread your affiliate product.

These include methods such as marketing through advertisements, offers, email marketing, use of affiliates, etc. But all these methods are quite difficult to implement and rather slow and inefficient when it comes to increasing the size of your internet business rapidly. So there is a need for a way that is both fast and highly efficient and that could help spread information about your product like a wildfire in the jungle. One such method is viral marketing. But before we look into this method we must understand what viral marketing is.

Viral marketing is the use of social networking websites to spread awareness about your product and attract potential clients. So how can one start off with viral marketing? Well, let me give you a demonstration of a method that is both easy to use and provides an efficient way of attracting customers to your affiliate product. The first thing to do while starting with viral marketing is to set up an account on a popular networking site. Try to look for sites that offer you the opportunity to display your products and product information on your profile page. After this has been accomplished, the next step is to add contacts and make connections.

A lot of effort should be given to this because the larger your contact list the larger will be your business exposure. The next and the most important step in viral marketing is supplying information about your products to the people in your contact list. But this is not easy, if you try to market them your products in the traditional way they would most probably ignore you and your campaign may go down as a complete failure. The best way you could accomplish this is by creating a nice little video and putting your website and product links in that video.

This method is good because of the fact that if your video is liked by the people then they would share it further with their friends and this would make the video quite popular and your video would generate a lot of traffic and the links in your video would surely be noticed by potential customers who would come to know about your product, thus generating leads for you. This can help by spreading information about your affiliate product across the internet like a virus. And can lead to a large number of leads generated for your product which can in turn get converted into customers thus insuring success and profit for your affiliate marketing business.